What is home detoxification?

Detoxification enables individuals with alcohol or drug dependence to stop using alcohol or drugs in a safe manner and under the supervision of an addiction expert within a treatment facility or at home.

Detoxification from alcohol or drugs could be very uncomfortable and even dangerous, unless it is done under close supervision of an addiction expert.  Body pain, chills and hots, runny nose, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, restlessness, difficulty sleeping, profuse sweating, irritability, hallucination and seizure are some of the common symptoms that could be experienced during the detoxification. Addiction experts provide medications that could make your detoxification as comfortable and as safe as possible.

A wide range of medications and supplements could be prescribed for prevention of withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or drugs. Addiction specialists assess your eligibility for home detox and provide you with directions, advice and medications appropriate for your condition.

How long would a detoxification take?

Length of detoxification depends on the type of drugs used, severity of dependence, individual factors, and underlying physical and mental conditions. Physical symptoms of detoxification could be managed very fast, usually within 7 to 10 days. However, mental symptoms such as sleep problems, irritability, mood swings, anxiety, temper control, and cravings could last up to a couple of months.

What laboratory work ups or diagnostic investigations should be done during detox?

Detoxification requires no specific lab work up or diagnostic investigation unless it is medically needed based on the patients health state, lifestyle and symptoms.

For instance, heavy alcohol drinking or drinking for long period of time could affect one’s liver function, pancreas, and stomach. Your physician could request liver and pancreatic enzymes. Regular drinking could result in poor absorption of nutrients and also loss of blood from stomach ulcers which causes anemia. This could be investigated by checking blood indexes and or doing endoscopy.

What is the best way to manage my home detoxification?

You need a safe and supportive environment. If you lives alone, a home detox could be an unsafe option. Addiction experts assess and consider all potential risks and choices before they initiate a home detox program. Such as program requires your cooperation and honesty.

During the first few days of a home detox program you should avoid driving, running machinery.

What medications are used for alcohol or drug detoxification?

A wide range of medications can be used to relieve symptoms of alcohol and drug withdrawal during the detoxification.

Seroquel and/or Trazodone:

  • Used to improve sleep
  • Reduce irritability and temper issues from, alcohol opioids or stimulants withdrawal


  • to reduce runny nose, sneezing and irritability during withdrawal from opioids

Tylenol or Iboprofen:

  • To reduce body pain during opioid detoxification


  • To prevent sever alcohol withdrawal symptoms such as shakiness, sweating, tremors, or seizure
  • To improve sleep
  • To reduce anxiety


  • To prevent sever alcohol withdrawal symptoms such as shakiness, sweating, tremors, or seizure
  • To improve sleep
  • To reduce anxiety


  • Used to reduce withdrawal symptoms from Cocaine


  • To prevent withdrawal symptoms from marijuana




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